Our Vision and Mission

A world where all individuals and communities enjoy dignity, peace, justice, equality and opportunities to develop.

To strengthen access to justice, dignity and human rights for people that face social, legal, cultural and economic marginalization and discrimination.
To strengthen capacities of migrant workers, returnees, refugees, minority communities, Indigenous People and women to improve the quality of their lives and advocate for their rights.
To achieve the objectives of the organisation by building teams of people with different capacities and to treat them with equality and dignity.
To work with clients to achieve our objectives and maintain confidentiality of the data collected from clients and other stakeholders.
We Believe

In the dignity of all human beings

That caste, gender, class and religion based-discrimination are the root causes of continued inequality

In rationalism and reason

In agency of the human being

We commit ourselves to:

Workf or dignity and justice for all. In doing this we follow India’s Constitution and international laws on human rights, non-discrimination, child rights, women’s rights and migrant workers’ rights;

Achieve justice. We work with the poor, migrant workers, displaced people, refugees, and subsistence farmers. We are committed to empower women, elderly, men, children and communities to work together to end poverty.

Strengthen and amplify the voices of women, migrant workers, refugees and the poor;

Strengthen the leadership of women. Under their leadership and collectively we work for change.

Work as a team with our partners, co-travelers and supporters. We are committed to transparency, accountability, respect and companionship;

Social transformation. We transform as a team along with the people we work with.

We rejoice our successes and learn from our mistakes.

We work through:

Building capacities of the community for self-development and social justice;

Doing research to develop information, communication, training and advocacy tools;

Advocacy with concerned decision-makers

Building alliances and networks of co-travelers, partners, supporters and ordinary people!