With its deep engagement with marginalised communities like migrant families, refugees, and people at risk of statelessness and teams of trained and experienced personnel, DAJI offers many opportunities for students and young people to work with us as interns for short periods of time. Community engagement is a key skill of the organisation which also includes advocacy with service providers in the areas of health, education, and legal aid at the local levels. The organisation also conducts research, campaigns and is part of networks in areas of the work of the organisation.

DAJI welcomes interns to work with the organisation. Some of the salient features of our internship program include:

  • Providing a safe and encouraging environment for the work of the interns.
  • Well-equipped office space with computers, internet, and other accessories.
  • Advise and handholding by senior members of our project teams in doing data collection, research, and advocacy.
  • Supporting in writing assignments by interns by helping in framing concept notes, commenting on drafts, and helping to finalise articles/ research reports.
  • Publish good reports by interns on our website and social media pages.
  • Issue certificate of internship to those who successfully complete the assignments they take up.

Minimum duration of internship will be one month and a maximum of six months. Students are expected to get a letter of recommendation from their supervisor at colleges and universities. Only for a limited number of interns DAJI will provide a small stipend to meet local travel and food costs during the internship.

Interested candidates may please send their application along with an updated CV with subject line “Internship” to: