Supporting Safe Migration and Reintegration of Return Migrants

The ‘Supporting Safe Migration and Reintegration of Return Migrants’ Program focuses on raising awareness and counselling on safe migration and providing reintegration support to irregular return migrants. Our research and networking help in understanding the drivers of migration and needs of return migrants to reintegrate into their communities and avoid repeated irregular migration. 

We work with communities with high migration aspirations and engage with young men, women and their families to counsel them on livelihoods and skills training opportunities and thus minimise the drivers of unsafe migration. We also work with return migrants to provide them with reception and reintegration assistance through linking them up with service providers in the field of health, education, deaddiction, mental health. We support them in regaining livelihoods through grants and linking them up with banking services, loans and support them in establishing small enterprises. During 2016-2020 the program implemented in Punjab provided support to 220 return migrants from the UK.   

2022-23 programs -

The program aims to provide reception and reintegration support annually 100 return migrants from the UK. The reintegration support is provided in any part of the country and includes reception, health needs assistance, emergency housing, support with organising onward travel, Covid-19 tested if required, family tracing and reunification (if required), supporting redocumentation and psychosocial support. Once immediate needs are met and the returnee is settled in his/ her community, DAJI will develop a reintegration plan to support in training (educational and vocational), job counselling, assistance in setting up small enterprise, medical support and social support.