First Aid Training in Kheri Gujjar, Dera Bassi from DAJI-CRS

The First Aid Training was held in Community Centre, Kheri Gujjar from Development and Justice Initiative (DAJI) to the POCs and Locals including DAJI staffs of Dera Bassi on the following topics; 

  1. Bleeding,
  2. Burning,
  3. Respiratory First Aid
  4. Wounds & dressing of wounds, 
  5. Bone Fracture, 
  6. Bites (Dog bit, Rats bit, monkey bit, snake bit etc.)
  7. Fit
  8. Fainting & Unconsciousness
  9. Shock, Prevention of shock.
  10. Poison
  11. Menstrual hygiene
  12. Kidney Stone, Prevention of kidney stone (Root cause of kidney stone and how to control it).
  13. Family Planning (Types of Family Planning, Benefits of family planning. when to take family planning and who have to take family planning and why have to take family planning).
  14. Vaccination of Women and Children (Benefits of Vaccine and why have to take timely and regularly vaccine)
  15. Unhygienic Surroundings
  16. How to make Oral Re-hydration Saline (ORS) at home in the emergency situations.
  17. Wash (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and
  18. Electric Shock (Electrocution)

The above topics were broadly discussed with the participants from the POCs and Locals including DAJI Staffs of Dera Bassi. The trainers, Dr.Ankilash Kumar and Dr.Amarjit from Dera Bassi Civil Hospital were flexibly and clearly trained to all the participants so that all can understand clearly and work as First Aid Worker in their community for the benefits of them and others. All participants are thanking to Development and Justice Initiative and Catholic Relief Services for the training. They all are saying that it (First Aid Training) will indeed useful for themselves, families, communities and others.