EDP Training

In the absence of Indian documents, it is very difficult for the refugees to get the placements in the companies and other offices etc and hence it is difficult task for DAJI to provide interventions in the area of employment and placement of refugees. Keeping this in mind DAJI, through his programs, added a component of livelihood to support those refugees who have experience and interest in running a business were given the opportunity by DAJI to participate in the Entrepreneurship Development Program. In the EDP training, the refugees learned different possible business models and the skills needed to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur in the future. DAJI has trained approx. 130 refugees in Entrepreneurship Development Program and supported 42 refugees with micro grants so far.

After the successful training of EDP, we selected the best viable business models for micro grant support. The refugees who received the micro-grant support are now running their provisional stores, repair workshops, selling fruits and vegetables, refreshment corners, etc.